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Archive for October, 2015

The Right Financing Tools and the Low Costs of Cosmetic Surgery

In the past, access to life-changing plastic surgery procedures was limited to those who could pay out of pocket. Not anymore. Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly affordable because of the availability of flexible financing plans. Cosmetic surgery financing is available for patients that are seeking a change that isn’t categorized as medically necessary. Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Clinic provides upfront pricing and an affordable cosmetic surgery financing option. CareCredit is a special financing credit card. Payments are made monthly with short-term plans. With CareCredit, when a patient meets minimum monthly payments, no interest is charged on purchases of over $200 if paid in full within the 6 month promotional period. CareCredit also offers a 24 or 36 month extended payment plan. The interest rate is 14.90% APR and fixed monthly payments […]

Eliminate Ear Deformities With Otoplasty

Otoplasty surgery, or ear reshaping, is a procedure used to change the shape or the size of a person’s ears. The treatment is a type of plastic surgery that aims at correcting misshaped or protruding ears. You might want to consider this treatment if your ears seem to stick out too far from your head, they seem large in proportion to your head, or you are seeking to correct issues from a previous surgery. While otoplasty surgery can correct many ear structure maladies, there are some things that the procedure cannot fix. First of all, this treatment will not change the location of your ears. Also, this type of surgery will not remedy any hearing loss or change your ability to hear. This procedure is safe for all ages, but […]

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