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Comfort Care

Your comfort is among our top priorities at Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Clinic. We have adopted many comfort care options to make your procedures as pain-free as possible.


Pro-Nox™ is a 100% self-administered N2O and O2 gas delivery system, producing effects which most practitioners and patients describe as “similar to laughing gas.” Unlike anesthesia (which halts the brain and body’s nerve signals), analgesia temporarily blocks the body’s pain signals from reaching the brain and disassociates the brain’s ability to even process pain signals. Pro-Nox™ was designed to support a variety of specialties as their pain and anxiety management solution for all treatment offerings, including plastic surgery, dermatology, medical aesthetics, surgery centers, and more!

Nerve Blocks

Facial areas can be numbed using injectable lidocaine, also called a Dental or Facial Nerve Block. Your provider will do this immediately before your procedure, and this will last between 4-6 hours.

Other Comfort Care options include: Topical Lidocaine, stress balls, and vibrating facial wands.

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