Picture Of An Ear - Tallahassee Plastic Surgery ClinicOtoplasty surgery, or ear reshaping, is a procedure used to change the shape or the size of a person’s ears. The treatment is a type of plastic surgery that aims at correcting misshaped or protruding ears. You might want to consider this treatment if your ears seem to stick out too far from your head, they seem large in proportion to your head, or you are seeking to correct issues from a previous surgery.

While otoplasty surgery can correct many ear structure maladies, there are some things that the procedure cannot fix. First of all, this treatment will not change the location of your ears. Also, this type of surgery will not remedy any hearing loss or change your ability to hear.

This procedure is safe for all ages, but doctors recommend that children should not have the surgery done before their fifth birthday. This is because the ear is still growing during this time. Like all corrective treatments, otoplasty surgery has some potential risks associated with it. One such risk, for example, is that of scarring. Even though scars are permanent, they will most likely be hidden behind the ear and out of view. Patients could also notice asymmetry in ear placement. This is a result of changes that could take place during the healing process. Finally, another potential risk with this type of treatment is over-correction. With this issue, a patient’s ears appear to be pinned back because of unnatural contours.

The best way to avoid these risk factors with this procedure is to work with doctors that you can trust. You can find trustworthy physicians at Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Clinic. The clinic has three surgeons on staff, and all of them are board-certified for plastic surgery. Also, the clinic was awarded the “Best of Tallahassee 2014 Plastic Surgery Center” award last year by Tallahassee Magazine. If you think otoplasty surgery may be right for you, schedule a personal consultation with Tallahassee Plastic Surgery today.