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Why You Should Invest in Better Skin Care Products in the Winter

Fun fact: the driest place on the planet isn’t in the Sahara or the Mojave. It’s in Antarctica. At the bottom of the earth, the relentless cold sucks moisture out of the atmosphere, cutting humidity to practically zero. The same effect is at work during the winter, when people’s skin can rapidly dry out. Add in behavioral changes brought on by the cold and it becomes a recipe for irritated skin. Changing skin care regimes in the wintertime can greatly improve the appearance and overall health of the skin. hand crafted soap tied with twine again What Happens in Winter? A number of factors combine to make winter tougher on the skin. First, colder weather generally leads to lower humidity, which means less moisture in the air. In cold weather, […]

What Is Skin Peel Rejuvenation? The Process and Results

Skin peel rejuvenation is a safe and effective method of reducing visible blemishes that are the natural result of sun exposure and aging. The process accelerates the natural exfoliation of skin using chemicals to reveal newer, healthier looking skin. Skin peels come in a range of intensities with varying pH levels, but the process is the largely the same. Skin Peel Rejuvenation Process The skin peel rejuvenation begins with a consultation. Patients sit down with an experienced cosmetic surgeon to discuss their goals and determine whether they’re a good candidate for treatment. Patients with moderate to severe skin imperfections from laugh lines and crows feet to acne scarring and pigment changes. Patients with darker skin can benefit from the process but those with deeply pigmented skin may need to undergo […]

How Arm Lift Transforms Arms For The Better

Those who have worked off a significant amount of weight know that excess skin can cause undesired effects in certain areas of the body. Stretch marks and hanging skin around the tummy and legs can be smoothed out over time, or are hardly noticeable at any moment. But loose skin that hangs from the upper arm – commonly known as a “bat wing” – can be a real source of stress because of its highly visible location. With arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, patients can go forth with a sculpted and confident look. The Procedure A skilled plastic surgeon makes incisions along the bottom of the upper arm, elbow, and armpit following pre-drawn lines that create a map for a brachioplastic operation. These incisions are carefully considered in order to […]

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