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What Is Blepharoplasty?

Eyelid surgery is one of the most common procedures requested in cosmetic surgery. It can improve the overall appearance of the eyes and reduce the appearance of aging overall. The muscles around the eye often weaken as people get older and the eyelids begin to sag. This creates wrinkles and puffiness that accentuates the aging process. This can affect both the upper and lower lids. Using forehead muscles to compensate by constantly attempting to raise eyelids can also result in more wrinkles in that area. The eyelid skin stretches over time, forming extra folds that could cause irritation as they rub together. Upper Lid Problems Addressed By Blepharoplasty Upper lids can droop due to excess fat deposits, surplus skin or the loss of muscle control around the eye socket. Sun […]

Which Chemical Peel Is Right for You?

Chemical peels come in a variety of intensities, mostly due to the PH level. This gives face rejuvenation patients a number of options to consider. The lower the PH level, the higher the penetration of the peel, which also means a more experienced doctor is need to administer it and a longer healing time is required. Typically, there are three choices: light, medium, and deep. Light Peel This type of chemical peel removes the top layer of skin, which helps with acne scarring, wrinkles, dry patches, or other superficial blemishes. Recent breakthroughs mean that this type of peel utilizes natural fruit enzymes and acids from foods such as cranberries and pineapples. This helps deliver the desired results with none of the irritation. Usually, six to ten treatments are suggested at […]

Nose Jobs in the 5th Century BCE? Plastic Surgery’s History Reaches Back Millennia

A common form of punishment during the 5th Century BCE was to lop off the nose of criminals. Men and women bearing these wounds of justice as well as those with missing or deformed noses due to war or syphilis, which causes collapse of the nostrils, had hope in India. A Hindu surgeon named Susrata (also spelled Sushruta), best known for his book on Ayurveda medicine, devised the flap method to reconstruct noses 2500 years ago. This technique finally reached Europe around 1794, but Italy’s Gaspare Tagliacozzi had perfected his own process by then. Tagliacozzi would go on to write the first textbook on plastic surgery in the late 16th Century. A few hundred years later, the first breast augmentation was performed in 1895, but it didn’t include implants until […]

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