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Archive for December, 2015

Five FAQs About Liposuction

Liposuction is a popular plastic surgery procedure. Liposuction slims and reshapes specific areas of your body. Here are answers to common questions about liposuction surgery. 1. What Is It? Using a tool called a cannula, doctors can remove unwanted fatty deposits between the muscle and the skin. Because it targets specific areas of the body to make them more aesthetically pleasing, liposuction is considered a form of body contouring. 2. Will It Help With Weight Loss? Although patients often experience a slight drop in weight because fat is removed, liposuction is not a treatment for weight loss/ obesity. It is recommended that you are at your ideal weight before considering surgery. Liposuction does reduce fat deposits in stubborn areas, such as the belly, love handles, and buttocks, which do not […]

Mommy Makeover

Before proceeding with plastic surgery, it is important to understand the scope and long-term expectations of the procedure you are considering. People with different issues and goals need to consider these details when making a final decision about whether to have a mommy makeover. Mommy MakeoverThis general term refers to a combination of procedures that address both the abdomen and the breasts. It’s named this because women often elect to undergo these combined surgeries after pregnancy. It is common for women to notice a combination of deflation and sagging in the breasts and a bulging abdomen after pregnancy. A Mommy Makeover targets specific areas of concern that require multiple procedures during surgery. Liposuction is recommended for fat deposits that are collected during pregnancy. The most common areas are the thighs, […]

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