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Minimizing the Spread and Appearance of Unattractive Spider Veins

Nobody likes spider veins. And even though millions of people have these blood vessels on their legs, face, and other parts of the body, no one actually wants to have those unattractive patches decorating their skin. Fortunately, there are relatively simple spider vein treatment procedures that can restore not just your beautiful skin, but your confidence as well. What are Spider Veins? Spider veins are blood vessels located near the surface of the skin that create unattractive red and blue veiny patches that spread across the skin. Spider veins are believed to be hereditary, and they tend to get worse with age. They don’t usually cause medical problems, but some people experience swelling, tiredness, or heaviness in the legs. This is especially true of people who spend most of the […]

The 2016 Demo Awards Are Here! Vote for Us!

The Tallahassee Democrat and The Centre of Tallahassee are gearing up for the first annual Demo Awards, and we hope you’ll cast your vote for Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Clinic. This brand new awards ceremony is dedicated to featuring local businesses like us. With 65 categories showing off the diversity of our Tallahassee community, we hope you’ll spread the word about our great team of doctors and staff who have been proudly serving the area since 1978. Why Choose Us Awarded “Best of Tallahassee 2014″ and “Best of Tallahassee 2015″ by Tallahassee Magazine, our board certified plastic surgeons and highly skilled staff are friendly, confidential, and professional. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology and research to provide our clients with the highest level of service. We are […]

How To Get A Breast Reduction Covered By Insurance

Extremely large, disproportionate breasts and breast tissue, also known as macromastia, is a serious issue for many women. Macromastia can interfere with many basic functions, such as sitting or standing properly, exercising, and sleeping. The excess tissue pulls on your back and shoulders, causing tenderness, pain, swelling, poor posture, and difficulty lifting. Macromastia is a medical condition. Some forms of macromastia can be addressed through non-surgical treatments. However, some forms can only be remedied by reduction mammaplasty, or breast reduction. In many cases, breast reduction can relieve many of the symptoms of macromastia, giving women the freedom to move and do as they please. How to Get a Breast Reduction Covered by Insurance If you are considering having a breast reduction procedure, you are probably aware of the financial burden […]

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