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Getting Back to Daily Activities During Rhinoplasty Recovery

More than two hundred thousand people had rhinoplasty surgery in 2014. Considered a safe procedure with relatively few complications, getting your nose done nevertheless requires a period of recovery. Here’s what you should expect when recuperating from rhinoplasty surgery. Immediately After Your nose will be very tender. It will also be packed with gauze, which means you cannot blow your nose until the gauze has been removed. Although covered with a small cast, you should resist the temptation to touch your nose during rhinoplasty recovery. Doing so could cause shooting pains and may even increase swelling. A Few Days Later Swelling will occur on both the inside and the outside of your nose. The enlargement of the area often makes patients look markedly different than they did before surgery. As […]

What You Might Not Know About Breast Reduction Surgery

Although augmentation is the more common practice, there are many reasons women decide to have breast reduction surgery (reduction mammoplasty). Because the procedure removes some of the tissue and skin from the area to reduce and reshape the breasts, it also makes them a lot lighter. This can be a godsend for women with chronic neck and back pain as a result of carrying around significant weight on their chests all their lives. Some patients also prefer the look of smaller breasts; especially those who feel their breasts are out of proportion to the rest of their body. Still, others opt for reduction mammoplasty because their breasts prevent or limit their participation in sports and other physical activities. The Risks As with any operation, there are some risks associated with […]

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