When you’re struggling with excess body fat that just doesn’t want to leave, no matter how hard you try, liposuction is a cosmetic option that may help you. Not only will it help to remove that unwanted fat from those problem areas of your body, but it will also assist in rejuvenating your self-confidence.

What Is Liposuction?

In short, liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat from the body. This particular procedure can be referred to as a lipoplasty, lipo, or even body contouring. Liposuction is commonly used to target problem areas like the thighs, hips, lower back, arms, chest, calves, neck, buttocks, and stomach.

Is Liposuction For You?

Liposuction surgery is typically recommended for patients who are currently within 30% of their desired body weight. These individuals will have good muscle tone and elastic skin that will respond well to quick body fat reduction. Those who regularly smoke and those who have been diagnosed with a severe chronic condition are not ideal candidates for this surgical procedure.

What to Expect Before, During, and After the Procedure

Understanding liposuction before and after the surgery is a necessity to ensure a smooth and healthy procedure. Before having Florida liposuction surgery, you’ll meet with a licensed surgeon to discuss your problem areas and surgical expectations. On the day of the surgery, you’ll be given local or general anesthesia, depending on the treatment area(s). It’s not uncommon to have multiple areas treated during your liposuction surgery.

During the surgery, a small incision will be made at the treatment site, and tumescent fluid will be injected under the skin. The surgeon inserts a cannula under the skin to suck up dislodged fat cells at the treatment site. Depending on the size and number of treatment areas, multiple incisions may be made.

After the surgery, compression garments and/or bandages will be applied to the treatment areas. This helps to absorb any fluids that the body is draining and works to stabilize the treatment area. Typically, patients report minor swelling, bruising, and numbness at the treatment sites following the procedure. This should dissipate within a few days, and bandages can be removed after two weeks of recovery. It’s best to avoid any strenuous activity at the treatment area for around four weeks post-surgery.

The Importance of a Personalized Consultation

If you’re considering liposuction surgery to help reduce excess fat in one or more problem areas of your body, it’s best to schedule a personalized consultation. This will allow the surgeon to assess your problem areas and assist you in planning healthy expectations for your surgery.

It’s not uncommon for people to struggle with excess fat in certain problem areas of their bodies. No matter how much dieting and exercise you do, you may not be able to get rid of that pesky remaining body fat. Fortunately, liposuction is an efficient cosmetic procedure that will work to remove excess fat cells in your problem areas and contour your body into a more desirable shape.

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