Dear Dr. Paredes,

I really appreciate the information and advice you gave us the last time we talked to you in your office. We were deciding at the time when to set up the second surgery to replace the expanders with the implants. You mentioned that everyone has to wait four months; that it actually was better for our bodies to wait as much as a year but that most women don’t wait that long and opt for the four-month schedule.

So we talked and decided that with you and your office’s support, I would give my body more time to heal. I think it has been a very good decision for me. I feel that my skin, muscles, and emotions are much stronger. While the expanders have not been comfortable and I have had days when I’ve questioned my decision, I know if I were to make that decision today, I would not make it again the same way.

I do look forward to seeing you. I don’t know if you know it but you are a bright spot in your patient’s day. You exude confidence, knowledge, kindness, and an uplifting, positive support.

The whole family prays for you and yours … your family and your staff.

Thank you for all you do.