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Image International Tallahassee

Welcome to the new age of skin care. Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Clinic is proud to carry a range of pharmaceutical-grade products that can help you protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun, prevent the signs of aging, and correct imperfections from acne and other sources. We’re on top of all the latest developments in the treatment of the skin.

We care deeply about the overall health and appearance of our patients, so we’re sure to offer the highest quality products that offer the most reliable results in skin care. Tallahassee men and women can benefit from Image International’s different lines for aging, acne and sensitive skin care lines. These products use the most effective ingredients in formulas that ensure maximum results in very little time.


Antioxidants are an important ingredient in the correction of existing damage to the epidermis. When patients come to us because the effects of acne or aging have become too much, we educate them on the benefits of these incredible products. Antioxidants can help correct and prevent imperfections by stimulating essential fibers and proteins that affect skin cells. In very little time, you can enjoy clearer, firmer, more radiant skin thanks to their healing properties.

Stem Cells

Our products use stem cell technology to teach your skin cells to behave like they are younger. Worry lines, crow’s feet, smile lines, and other signs of aging show up when your cells are signaled to do so. We can stop that process and send the right signals. Using thoroughly researched and tested formulas, our line of products will help your skin look tight, clear, and youthful. Results can come in as little as one to two weeks, so you’ll be amazed at the rapid effects of this treatment.


Retinols are very effective at correcting damage from acne, reversing deterioration from aging, and clearing away imperfections of scarring. With top-grade products administered by our experienced team, you will look better than ever. The end result will be tighter, younger looking skin that is smoother to the touch. We’ll use retinols to help you reduce blemishes, lines, age spots, and blotchiness. Even blackheads and whiteheads can be a thing of the past.


These chains of amino acids are especially effective at treating the effects of aging. Peptides can tell your skin cells how to perform. Used in conjunction with other ingredients, they can help you achieve your goals in very little time. Would you like to smooth fine lines? Have you dreamed of having thicker, plumper skin? Are you unhappy with the effects of aging on your face? With the right combination, peptides mixed with other ingredients can send the signals you want to your skin cells, creating lasting results that you’ll love.

Effective Treatment

These ingredients are amazing on their own, but you cannot truly experience the maximum results without the help of a doctor. You can come to us when you want the best of modern skin care. Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Clinic has qualified professionals who can guide you to the most reliable products and the effective treatments. We offer clinical treatments and products for at-home skin care. Tallahassee men and women can call now. We’d love to get started today. The sooner you act, the better your results can be.

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