Skin peel rejuvenation is a safe and effective method of reducing visible blemishes that are the natural result of sun exposure and aging. The process accelerates the natural exfoliation of skin using chemicals to reveal newer, healthier looking skin. Skin peels come in a range of intensities with varying pH levels, but the process is the largely the same.

Skin Peel Rejuvenation Process

The skin peel rejuvenation begins with a consultation. Patients sit down with an experienced cosmetic surgeon to discuss their goals and determine whether they’re a good candidate for treatment. Patients with moderate to severe skin imperfections from laugh lines and crows feet to acne scarring and pigment changes. Patients with darker skin can benefit from the process but those with deeply pigmented skin may need to undergo a pre-peel treatment.

Once a doctor and patient have consulted, the actual skin peel rejuvenation application is surprisingly quick. It takes about 20 minutes to apply the chemical and let it sit. Tingling or burning sensations are normal and to be expected as the chemicals do their job. After the application, patients can expect the skin to have a yellowish tinge for a brief period, giving way to mild redness. The level of peeling will vary based on the individual, it can be small flakes to peeling in sheets. While the skin is healing from the treatment, the post-peel skin regimen requires extra attention with specialized products for some time before the patient can resume using everyday skin care products.

Skin Peel Rejuvenation Results

Generally, patients who undergo skin peel rejuvenation see a noticeable improvement in the overall health of their skin. The dead layer that is peeled off is replaced by younger skin. The emergence of the newer skin improves evenness of complexion and color while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. For more severe skin damage, patients may have to undergo multiple treatments to receive their desired results.