Rhinoplasty involves surgical restructuring of the nose. With the sensitive location of this procedure, it’s common for patients to experience some degree of bruising on the face. Although typical, it is possible to minimize this discoloration to hasten recovery.

Realistic Expectations

Everyone is unique with different physiological responses to surgery. Some people experience very light bruising, while others have dark and widespread bruises around the incision and under the eyes. Because it’s impossible to predict how each patient will respond, it’s beneficial for people to expect to have significant discoloration after surgery. If individual results are less pronounced, a patient may feel relieved and fortunate. If results are significant, at least the patient might not feel surprised.

Patients should always discuss post-operative recovery thoroughly with a physician prior to the procedure. Some surgeries involve procedures that lead to more swelling and bruising, while other rhinoplasty procedures are not as invasive or involved. The surgeon can give patients a good idea of what to expect after the surgery.

Steps for Bruise Reduction

– Apply ice and cold compresses every 30 minutes for the initial 48 hours after the procedure. This step is crucial for minimizing swelling and discoloration.

– Drink pineapple juice after surgery. Pineapple juice contains bromelain, which is an enzyme that helps with inflammation.

– Avoid alcohol, aspirin, and some herbal supplements during the first hours and days after surgery. The chemicals present could cause the blood to thin, which can exacerbate bruising and swelling.

– Do not take other medications or supplements without clearing them with a physician first. Some products can contain ingredients that will create more harm than good after a procedure.

Although it’s completely normal for patients to have discoloration and bruising after rhinoplasty, these symptoms are temporary. Once they fade, patients can anticipate a new appearance that will make the temporary symptoms easier to bear.