When you choose to undergo breast augmentation, the first question on your mind is – what is the right implant size for you? Every clinic that offers this service measures the implants in cubic centimeters (CC).

alfrecater to the needs of the consumers. If you want to know which one is the right one for you, given below are three techniques that you can use:

Rice Method

The most popular way that women learn what size implant to get is via the rice technique. For this procedure, you need a pair of stockings. Avoid using the foot portion of this clothing, as it can throw off your readings.

With a measuring cup, start pouring uncooked rice into the stocking. Seal the clothing and try it out to see how you feel. Try to do some activities to find out whether you find them comfortable.

Water Method

Another popular technique that women use to find out about the right implant size is by the water method. You will need a plastic bag, to hold all the water in place. Pour the water with the help of a measuring cup.

Try the plastic bag with the fluid, to get a feel of how the new breasts will feel. You can wear different clothes to understand how your breasts will look after the procedure. For both these methods, 1 ml of water is the equivalent of 1 cc of implant.

Do keep in mind that this isn’t a scientific method to find the right size. You can always visit a cosmetic surgeon’s office and try out the breast implant sizers.