At Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Clinic, we see our patients as friends. Because of that connection, we can appreciate some of the secondary benefits of procedures like dermal fillers. We have been happy to hear that many of our patients feel revitalized after this simple procedure. Injectables are an excellent option for patients who are nervous about surgery, and yet the results can still be immediately noticeable among friends and coworkers. As non-surgical procedures, dermal fillers have a surprisingly long list of benefits.

Immediately Visible Results

Dermal fillers give an immediate fullness and reduce wrinkles. We offer several types of dermal fillers for different areas of the face and different desired effects. When the facial lines and creases that most bother you are addressed, there can be an immediate effect on your self-confidence. Simply smiling more frequently can make you a more happy person, and looking younger is a great reason to smile.

Domino Effects for a Healthy Lifestyle

Many of our patients have found that their younger, healthier appearance has made them feel more energized. Empowered by the smile in the mirror, some are able to embrace other lifestyle changes. Sticking to a diet and dropping the smoking habit can help to maximize the results by further improving your appearance. The minor adjustments made by dermal fillers have a significant aesthetic impact, but it’s also surprising how much a healthy exercise routine can improve your overall health and mood.

Finding the Filler that’s Best for You

No injectable is a magic solution, and lifestyle changes still take a lot of personal work and commitment. We’ve found, however, that these dermal fillers are ideal for targeting problem areas that won’t respond to diet or exercise. If we can help you tackle your crow’s feet or smile lines, then you can make that noticeable improvement a tipping point to bigger lifestyle changes. Make an appointment to speak with one of our surgeons and find out more about the different injectables available. It is important to be realistic about the results that are possible with just one form of treatment.