Those who have worked off a significant amount of weight know that excess skin can cause undesired effects in certain areas of the body. Stretch marks and hanging skin around the tummy and legs can be smoothed out over time, or are hardly noticeable at any moment. But loose skin that hangs from the upper arm – commonly known as a “bat wing” – can be a real source of stress because of its highly visible location. With arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, patients can go forth with a sculpted and confident look.

The Procedure

A skilled plastic surgeon makes incisions along the bottom of the upper arm, elbow, and armpit following pre-drawn lines that create a map for a brachioplastic operation. These incisions are carefully considered in order to keep scarring to a minimum. During the course of the operation, the doctor may use liposuction techniques to remove excess fat as well. After removal of tissue, the skin is smoothed over to create a natural feeling contour, with organic sutures placed underneath the skin which will eventually be absorbed.

Considering The Pros

The most immediate benefit of arm lift surgery is the toned shape of the upper arm. Without hanging skin or excess fat, post-operation patients can wear more form-fitting clothing, or clothing without sleeves. The freedom to dress without being self-conscious of how the arms look when uncovered can be a definitive self-image boost for those who have put in the work to lose weight. This is a much deserved perk after all that hard work.

Considering Scars

It should be noted that some scarring will result after arm lift surgery. However, the line will be inconspicuously located underneath the arm at an unnoticeable angle that blends with the new contour of the sculpted arm. Over time, scarring will fade with regular skin treatment – though not completely – so patients need not be concerned about the appearance of lines when choosing an outfit.